The MSC North Sea brown shrimp certification process is a partnership between the three countries that have the largest share in the supply of North Sea brown shrimp: Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Together, the North Sea brown shrimp fishermen of these countries are responsible for about 97% of the European supply of North Sea brown shrimp. The following parties are actively involved in the MSC certification of the North Sea brown shrimp fishery.


Cooperative Fisheries Organization (CVO)

For the Netherlands, the MSC North Sea brown shrimp certification process is managed by the Cooperative Fishery Organization (CVO). It is the responsibility of the CVO to ensure that the management plan is properly implemented by the CVO members and associated fishermen.

The members of the CVO consist of the producer organizations (POs):

  • Rousant;
  • Nederlandse Vissersbond;
  • Noordelijke Visserij Alliantie;
  • Urk.

The board of the CVO consists of representatives of the POs.



In Germany, the MSC shrimp certification process is managed by the MSC-GbR. The MSC-GbR consists of four German POs:

  • Erzeugergemeinschaft der Deutschen Krabbenfischer GmbH;
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft Küstenfischer der Nordsee GmbH;
  • Erzeugergemeinschaft Tönning, Eider, Elbe und Weser w.V.;
  • Fischereigenossenschaft Elsfeth e.G.

The above POs are located in the German states of Niedersachsen and Schleswig-Holstein. All POs in Germany play an important role in improving the sustainability of fishing activities and promoting the marketing of fish caught by their members.


Danske Fiskeres Producent Organisation (DFPO)

For Denmark, the MSC North Sea brown shrimp certification process is managed by the DFPO. This is the Danish producer organization to which Danish shrimp fishermen are affiliated. It is up to the DFPO to ensure that the Danish shrimp fishermen properly implement the management plan.

The DFPO has the following structure:

  • Council of Members: responsible for the statutes, choosing the board, choosing the chairman and setting out policy;
  • Board and chairman: responsible for determining the ‘reception price’ and paying this reception price if a batch of fish is withdrawn from the market;
  • Secretariat: responsible for the administrative affairs of the PO.
CVO vessels​
MSC-GbR vessels
DFPO vessels